How It Started

The Indian Institute for Metallurgists was established in 1945 to address the need for a professional body of metallurgists in India. Technical information was scarce at the time, and communication with other countries was limited due to the war. This caused difficulties for the ordnance factories and other manufacturing industries, as they lacked the necessary metallurgy knowledge. The only organization capable of investigating metal products was the Inspectorate of Metals in the ordnance factory.

how it started

More Of Our History

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Initial Formation

About a dozen young metallurgists held an informal meeting in Calcutta to discuss the formation of an institute of metallurgists in India. The meeting was held at the residence of Dr. Dara P. Antia, who was then Chief Metallurgist of Indian Aluminium Co. The group unanimously agreed to form the institute.

A Single Insitution

Subsequently, various metallurgists holding senior positions in India were approached for their support, along with many people in high positions in government and industries. A Memorandum and Articles of Association were drafted after studying similar documents from other bodies, including the Iron and Steel Institute and Institute of Metals in the UK. These organizations supported the idea of a single institute instead of separate institutes for Metals, Iron and Steel, etc.


The Memorandum and Articles were finalized, and the Institute was registered in Calcutta. An Organizational Council was formed to manage the affairs until the first Council was elected, with Dr. Dara P. Antia as President. The Tatas provided the office space in Calcutta.

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First Meetings

The first organizational meeting of the Institute was held on February 24th, 1946 at Mr. K. C. Sood's residence in Calcutta. Within the following two months, four more meetings were held. These meetings were attended mostly by M/s Dara P. Antia, V. Rama Iyer, R. N. Kapoor, R. Krishnasamy, P. K. Paul, B.A. Rao, D.V. Reddy, C.J. Shah, S. Sircar, and K.C. Sood.


On Monday, December 29th, 1947, the Institute was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Minister for Industry and Supply, at the Royal Asiatic Society Hall in Calcutta. Sri Jahangir J. Gandhy became the first President, and Dr. Dara P. Antia the first Honorary Secretary of the Institute. 

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Growth & Activities

Since its inception, the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) has experienced tremendous growth. Its membership has grown from a modest 42 to over 10,000 (as of 1999), represented by various fields of metallurgical activity. Membership requirements are strict to ensure the highest professional standards.


The institute has evolved into a reputable organization devoted to the promotion and advancement of the study, practice, and research of Metallurgical Science and Technology. It is now recognized worldwide as one of the premier metallurgical organizations.


The scope of the institute's activities includes mineral beneficiation, extraction, fabrication, heat treatment, finishing, as well as practical and theoretical aspects of metallurgy for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Ceramics and other disciplines and technologies related to metallurgical problems are also included.


The institute's activities include organizing national and international technical conferences and programs, research activities, publications, and conducting qualifying examinations. Although the Institute has a small permanent staff, almost all activities are carried out through the honorary services of the office-bearers, council members, chapter chairmen, secretaries, treasurers, and a large number of Institute members.