Statement of Purpose

The International Committee serves to establish contact with professional bodies across the world in the area of metals, materials and their manufacturing with the aim to interact, build network and exchange knowledge and best practices.

The key actions of the International Committee of IIM include:

  • Forging Agreements and/or MoU with international professional organizations for Exchange of experts
  • Exchange of databases/literature
  • Holding common conferences on identified themes
  • Exchange of digital house magazines and circulation to all members
  • Joint publications on chosen topics of interest by experts
  • E-membership at reduced costs to avail member benefits
  • Concessions to attend events, buy publications, and accessing digital library
  • Constitution of joint working groups, task forces, committees on chosen topics
  • Participation in Annual Meetings with invitation for senior office bearers

Delegation of Responsibilities of International Relations Committee


The Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) International Relations Committee (IRC) has not been functioning since 2014. IIM HO, along with former Presidents, has been doing this job in recent years. We presently have ongoing relations with ASM International & The Korean Institute of Metals& Materials. IIM has made good progress with AIST (USA) and IOM3 (UK) in establishing collaborative agreements, which are likely to be finalised shortly.


In view of the upcoming year-long Platinum Jubilee Celebration in 2021, IIM would like to have more international professional bodies as our collaborators/partners to strengthen our programs, extend our presence beyond India and introduce new schemes for mutual growth.

Hence, it is felt that IIM has to jump start the functioning of the International Relations Committee (IRC) immediately to establish collaborations with well-known professional bodies. Also, the present size of the IRC may be reduced to make it nimble for quick decision-making.


In light of the above, a three-member International Relations Committee (IRC), consisting of Dr D Banerjee (former President) as the Chairman, Dr S V Joshi (Life Member, IIM and presently based in Sweden) as a Member, and theSecretary General as the Member-Convener,is proposed. The committee will interact with Dr Amol A. Gokhale, President, IIM, as and when required.

All constituents of the present IRC are requested to agree to the above proposal as an interim arrangement, till the reconstitution is approved by the Council in the upcoming meeting.

Proposed Terms of reference(to be ratified by the Council):

1. Create and maintain a data base of International Materials Organisations
2. Determine and recommend to the council a suitable list of organisations with whom collaboration is desirable, and feasible.
3. With the Council’s approval, interact with these organisations to determine the terms of collaboration/interaction.
4. Recommend to the Council, terms of engagement for approval.
5. Follow up and action terms of interaction

Present Committee Members:
Current Composition of International Relations Committee(IRC)
Dr. Dipankar Banerjee Chairman
Dr. Shrikant Joshi Member
Dr. Amol A Gokhale Member
Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee Member
Dr. U Kamachi Mudali Member
Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri Member
Brig Arun Ganguli (Retd) Member-Convener

IIM - ASM Lectureship

NEWS: ASM-IIM Lectureship Award and Visit

Dr. Subhasis Sinha, Assistant Professor at the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, recently visited the United States with the ASM-IIM Visiting Lectureship Award. This visiting lectureship is a reciprocal program established jointly by the American Society for Materials (ASM) and the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) whereby scientists, researchers and academicians from India and North America can visit and deliver lecturesin North America and India, respectively. Dr.Sinha was the 2022 recipient of the award in the under 40 years age category and was presented with the award at the ASM Leadership Luncheon event at the IMAT conference held in Detroit, USA during October 16-19, 2023. He also visited Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA during his visit and delivered talks at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, CMU Pittsburgh and at the IMAT conference in Detroit.

ASM-IIM Lectureship Award and Visit

Dr. Subhasis Sinha receiving the ASM-IIM Visiting Lectureship Award from Prof. David B. Williams at the ASM Leadership Luncheon on October 16, 2023 at IMAT 2023, Detroit, USA.

IIM - ASM Lectureship

The is collaborative programme between the Indian Institute of Metals and American Society of Metals(ASM) International. Under this programme, about 4-5 members chosen as ASM - IIM Lecturers visit India every year and deliver lectures on topics of their expertise at meetings organised by Chapters of IIM. The co-ordinators of this programme from 1987 are given hereunder


Prof. Rama Rao

Director,Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad


Dr. R Krishnan

Director, Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore


Prof. Rama Rao

Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam


Prof. S Ranganathan

Chairman, Mech.Sciences Divn Dept. of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

Other Lecturers


Dr Suresh S Babu
Dr Alok K Gupta
Mr Williams L Mankins
Mr K Linga Murthy
Mr C Subramanian
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Alcan Intrnl, Canada
Inco Alloys IntrnlInc, USA
North Carolina State Uni. USA
Uni of South Australia


Dr Dr Seetharam C Deevi
Dr Hersh K Manaktala
Dr Prakash C Patnaik
Dr Horace Pops
Dr K S Ramesh
Oakridge National Uni, USA
Southwest Research Inst, USA
Hawken Siddley, Canada
Metals Lab, Inc, USA
Northwest National Lab, USA


Dr Animesh Bose
Dr Anita Garg
Prof P K Mallick
Dr Gopal Nadkarni
Dr P R Subramanian
Parmatech Corp, USA
Uni of Michigan, USA
Uni of Brunswick, USA


Dr Mahi Sahoo Casmet, Canada


Dr Sailesh Merchant
Dr PurushSahoo
Dr DebabrataSaha
Prof P Neelakanta
Prof Rajendra Singh
AT & T Bell Labs, USA
Sermalech Int. Inc, USA
Airp Products &Chem, USA
Florida Atlantic Uni, USA
Clemson Uni, USA


Dr R S Bhattacharya
Dr T K Chaki
Dr Rajendra Mishra
Prof C Suryanarayana
New York State Uni, USA
Colorado School of Mines, USA
Uni of Idaho, USA A


Prof S Ankem
Dr R B Bhagat
Dr A S Brar
Dr A K Chakrabarti
Dr S R Vatcha
Uni of Maryland, USA
State College, USA
Seagate Tech Inc, USA
Aluminium Co of America, USA
Decision Resources Inc, USA


Dr K K Chawla
Dr K Upadhyaya
Dr S C Singhal
Dr M N Sinha
Dr P B Narayan
New Mexico Tech, USA
GE Medical Systems, USA
Westinhouse Science & Tech, USA
Manitoba Dept of Labour, USA
Storage Tech Corp, USA


Dr Rajeshwar K Gupta
Dr A M Garde
Dr Kaplesh Kumar
Mr Krishna Vedula
Uni of Michigan, USA
Combustion Engg, USA
Charles Stark Draper Lab, USA


Dr S R Pati
Dr T S Srinivasan
Dr R Ramesh
Prof K Rajan
Dr P K Mehrotra
Combustion Engg, USA
Uni of Akron, USA
Uni of California, USA
Rensseleaar Polytechnic Inst,USA
Philips McKenna Lab, USA


Dr K Lingmurthy
Dr Brian Ives
Mr Vinod K Sikka
Dr Ramana G Reddy
Dr T S Sudharsan
North Carolina State Uni. USA
McMaster Uni. Canada
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Dept of Chem& Met Engg, USA
Materials Modification Inc, USA


Dr Nikhil Sarkar
Dr Ramulu
Dr A M Garde
Dr N Bandopadhyay
Dr Shafique Ahmed
LSU School of Dentistry, USA
Uni of Washington, USA
Combustion EnggInc, USA
BOC Group Inc, USA
Youngstown Uni. USA


Dr C Ravidran
Dr A N Patel
Dr T J Gray
Dr T A Bhat
Dr S K Banerji
Manitoba Steel Rolling Mills, USA
Battelle Colombus Lab, USA
Wrought Prods Quality Engg Co, USA
Foot Mineral Co, USA


Dr Srinivasan Shanker
Dr S A David
Prof K Tangri
Mr Srinivasan Rajagopal
Turbine Component Corpn, USA
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Met Sciences Lab, USA
IIT Research Ins. USA


Dr S K Banerji
Mr V K Chandok
Dr M C Chaturvedi
Mr M H Kamdar
Foot Mineral Co, USA
Colt Industries, USA
Uni. Of Manitoba, USA
Bent Weapons, USA


Dr D Aichbhaumick
Mr S P Bhat
Dr J Mazumdar
Mr Ravi Rungta
National Steel Corpn, USA
Inland Steel Corpn, USA
Uni. Of Illionois, USA


Dr V A Tipnis
Mr Anil Hingwe
Mr S A David
Dr George Kingsbury Dr R G Bhat
Tipnis Associates, USA
Moloy Mfg Co, USA
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Gould Inc, USA

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