HYDERABAD Chapter Metric Details
SL No.
Parent Metric
Marks allotted
Marks earned
1. Organizational
(a) Conduct Chapter AGM latest by May 21st 06 0
(b) Chapter Office Bearers representation in CRC meetings, held twice a year 02 0
(c) Chapter should hold an Executive Committee meeting at-least twice in a quarter 04 0
2. Financials
(a) Compliance to Financial Audit by timely submission of the audited accounts, latest by 31st May 04 0
(b) Preparing budget for financial and all other activity by 30th April and sharing the same with HO. 03 0
(c)Signing of MoU and Sharing of appropriate apportionment of Surplus with IIM HO against each seminar/workshop andconferences held under IIM banner within 3 months from the completion of the Event, duly audited. 06 3
3. Activities
(a) Organizing workshops, seminars, technical talks & conferences, at-least twice in a quarter. 15 11.3
(b)Conducting student activities at graduate or school level on metallurgy &materials engineering andpromoting/helping AMIIM activities, at least twice in a quarter 15 0
4. IIM Awards Nominations
(a) No of duly filled in Nominations from each Chapter for IIM Awards (1 marks for each Nomination, Maximum up to 5) 05 0
5. Communication
(a) Chapter should have a distinct website which should be updated with all relevant information, time & again. The Chapter website should be linked to the Institute’s website. 05 5
(b) Response to emails / GST related correspondences & compliance by submission of all GST related credentials on real time basis. 05 5
6. Membership
(a) Acquisition of New Members in a financial year [Large Chapters: 80 Members (Minimum); Medium Chapters: 40 Members (Minimum); Small Chapters: 20 Members (Minimum) Forevery five patrons& donor members, 1 Bonus point 20 12.8
(b) Retaining existing members: Defaulter rate should be in a range of 0%-10, 5%-1 10 0
Total marks allotted
100 37.1