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Submission of Examination Application Forms

Submission of Examination Application Forms

Submission of Examination Application Forms (Important Announcement)

Dear AMIIM Candidates:

From the application forms received for the AMIIM Examinations, it is observed that the forms submitted are in-complete in many respects resulting into correspondence seeking clarifications, which is time consuming and avoidable.

Generally, following are the errors observed :
  • For claiming exemption in any subject/s, no attested copy/copies of Mark Sheets is/are being sent
  • For preparing the Admit Cards, photographs are not forwarded.
  • Attestation of photographs done on the front side instead of back side.
  • Opting more than 5(five) papers to appear.
  • Forms received without the Examination Fees.
  • Only one copy of the Examination Form received instead of two copies.

In order to avoid delay in processing the Exam. Application Forms, the candidates are advised to submit their Exam. Application Forms complete in all respects, as detailed below:

  • Attested copy/copies of the Mark Sheets with subject codes for claiming exemption in any subject/s. This is obligatory for the candidates appearing for the first time.
  • Two passport size recent photographs duly attested either by IIM Member or by the authorized signatory of your company with official rubber stamp on the back side of the photographs.
  • Attestation should not be done on the front side of the photographs under any circumstances. Self attestation of the photographs will not be accepted.
  • Opt maximum 5 (five) papers to appear.
  • Examination Form should accompany the Examination Fees.
  • Original & Duplicate copies of the Examination Form should be submitted.

The forms received without any of the above items, shall not be accepted.

J C Marwah
Secretary General

Date: 6th July, 2009