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President's Message
(Mr. T. V. Narendran)


It is my privilege and great honor to be selected as the President of the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) in the 75th, Platinum Jubilee Year, of the Institute.

I thank all the past Presidents for their outstanding contribution and service to the Indian Institute of Metals. I am grateful to Professor Amol Gokhale, the outgoing President, for his efforts in taking the institute to greater heights during the past one year. He led the first ever on-line Annual Technical Meet of the Institute.

The idea of formation of an Indian institute for metallurgists was conceived in 1946 to enable flow of available metallurgical information and networking among the professional community in the country. Since then, the institute has devoted itself to the promotion and advancement in the study, practice, research and, technology development in Materials Science and Metallurgy. IIM has grown in stature over the last 75 years with more than 55 chapters and 10,000 members from industry, R&D, academia and the Government. It is now recognized as one of the premier professional metallurgical organizations in the world. IIM helps in creating an ecosystem for metallurgical and material endeavors in the country. It also helps to provide a platform for the metallurgical community to interact on.

As new economic imperatives unfold globally, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a lot to be done in making India self-reliant and world-leading in the development and production of metals and materials, in waste to wealth initiatives, in addressing the environmental impact by reducing CO2 footprint and, in use of advanced analytics for process improvement and product development.

This year I wish to work with the Council members and experts within the IIM membership to engage on these fronts. IIM can be a thought leader and, can help create policy papers for the NITI Aayog and the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister of India to consider.

Apart from these, the IIM will continue the good work that it has been doing in:

o Developing skill in the metals sector

o Providing platform for interaction between professionals

o Creating knowledge database through papers and publications o Building societal awareness on sustainability 

I look forward to your suggestions and ideas to improve the activities of IIM further.

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, which is a year-long bouquet of events, was initiated on 24th February 2021. I encourage you to actively participate in the events. With your support, we will continue to build excellence in the Indian Institute of Metals for nation building and, will take it to international prominence.

Stay safe and stay healthy