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N P Gandhi Memorial Lecture

N P Gandhi Memorial Lecture


Professor N P Gandhi Memorial Lecture
Sl. No Year Name Topic
1 1961 Dr. D. Swarup Metallurgical Education and Training in India
2 1964 Dr.Brig.S .K.Bose Trends in Engineering Education
3 1965 Dr.G.P. Chatterjee Atom Metal and Man
4 1969 Dr.D.Banerjee Technical Education at the university level
5 1970 Mr.J.Singh Thermodynamics Metallurgical and Metals
6 1973 Prof.T.R.Ananthram Transformations, Metallurgical & Metal
7 1975 Dr.P.L.Agarwal Fifteen years of LD Steel Making in India , Experience of Rourkela Steel Plant
8 1979 Dr.R.V.Tamhankar Emerging Trends in Super alloy Processing & applications
9 1980 Dr.V.A.Altekar Power Crisis and Metallurgical Engineer in 1980
10 1981 Dr.Brahm Prakash Uranium as a Source of Energy
11 1982 Prof.G.S Tendolkar Diffusion and Sintering – A perspective of my academic research and industrial practice
12 1983 Mr.Y.M Mehta Entrepreneurship
13 1984 Prof.K.P.abraham Three Decades of developments in chemical Metallurgy-A personal perspective
14 1985 Mr.D.V.Reddi Quality Assurance of Metal Products
15 1986 Prof.R.Mallikarjunan An overview of mineral processing and non-ferrous extraction metallurgy, resources , energy consideration and technology development
16 1987 Mr.C.V.Sundaram Chemistry and Metallurgy for rare metals extraction and application
17 1988 Dr.J.J.Irani Future course for steel Industry in India
18 1989 Dr.M.N.Dastur Modern technology Trends: Socio-economic implications for Industry and Management
19 1990 Dr.V.S.Arunachalam Materials for Defence System- An appreciation
20 1991 Prof.Rama Rao Doing Research with Unalloyed Metals and single phase : an interest that has been and still holds
21 1992 Dr.N.Kandal rao Technology Development in the Indian Context
22 1993 Dr.E.C.Subba Rao R&D for Industry
23 1994 Dr.Dara P.Antia Challenges and Opportunities of The Indian Institute of Metals in the next fifty years
24 1995 Dr.R.Krishnan Materials in Gas Turbine Engine Development
25 1996 Dr.S.Ranganathan Golden Solids
26 1997 Dr.A.Ghosh Hydrometallurgical Process-Kinetics, Analysis and Modeling
27 1998 Mr.A.C.Wadhawan An overview of major non-ferrous minerals and metals in India
28 1999 Prof.P.M.Prasad Perspectives in Sulphides Metallurgy
29 2000 Shri Supriya Das Gupta Globalization and the future of the Indian Steel Industry
30 2001 Dr.Placid Rodriguez Nuclear Materials Development and Nuclear Power Generation in India : The present status and the future needs.
31 2002 Dr.Srikumar Banerjee Physical Metallurgy of Titanium Alloy : A study with miniature , compositionally graded material
32 2003 Dr.Dipankar Banerjee The wonderful world of electron microscopy (at the Defence Metallurgical Research Lab)
33 2004 Prof P Ramachandra Rao The arsenic threat to Bengal Delta
34 2005 Dr. V N Misra New challenges and Directions in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy
35 2006 Prof S P Mehrotra Realm of Mechanochemistry in Extractive Metallurgy-Scientific Curiosity to commercial reality
36 2007 Prof R C gupta Industry Oriented Researches in ferrous Process Metallurgy at BHU
37 2008 Prof Somnath Misra My fascination into the world of Metallurgy
38 2009 Dr. K Chattopadhyay From Metallurgy to Materials engineering : Back to the future
39 2010 Prof Brahma Deo Chaos in a Steelmaking
40 2011 Dr. Baldev Raj Energy, Ethics and Equity
41 2012 Prof K A Padmanabhan Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Education in India at the crossroads
42 2013 Dr.G.Malakondaiah High Performance Steels for the Strategic Sector: The Indian scene
43 2014 Dr Vakil Singh Metallurgical Engineering Education ad Academia-Industry Interaction:The Present Scenario
44 2015 Dr. Pradip TCS – PREMAP – A Platform for the Realizaion of Engineered Materials and Products
45 2016 Prof R K Ray An Overview Of Low Density And High Modulus Steels
46 2017 Prof. PP Sinha Indigenous Development of Space Materials : Achievements & Challenges
47 2018 Dr. Sanak Mishra Reflections of an Indian Metallurgist
48 2019 Dr. GVS Sastry Where Research Flourishes in Natural Atmosphere
49 2020 Dr. BK Mishra Hydrogen Plasma Reduction- A Viable option for Metal & Alloy Production?
50 2021 Dr. Shrikant Joshi Joys and challenges along a fascinating journey through Surface Engineering
51 2022 Prof Rajiv Shekhar Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry: Keys to a Sustainable, Secure Indian Economy