The last date to submit applications offline for IIM Sustainability Awards [Both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Categories] has been extended to Friday, 20th Sep 2019.

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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Benefits For Members



  •  Library [Existing, based out of IIM HO @ Kolkata]
  •  IIM Membership cards for all active members
  •  Entitled for free publications: E-version of IIM Metal News [semi-technical] monthly edition & hard copies are mailed to entitled members, including CORPORATE.
  •  Member Achievements get showcased in IIM Metal News and in IIM website
  •  Network and collaborate with leaders and subject matter experts
  •  Opportunity to play a larger role as IIM Office Bearer
  •  Speaking, Mentoring, Advisory and Volunteering roles for Members
  •  Access to IIM Projects: Members desirous of participating in the IIM Projects may opt to join the respective group of team of experts subject to their fulfilling the selection criteria.
  •  Access to Global Events: Members may avail of the opportunities to participate in global events organised by overseas MoU partners.
  •  IIM Honours & Awards: Members are eligible to be nominated for IIM Honours and Awards and for the National Metallurgists Day Awards, subject to their satisfying the criteria for the respective awards.
  •  Above all, IIM offers greatest opportunity to the students and the professionals for the free interaction with the luminaries in the fields of Metals and Materials in the World.
  •  Access to attending IIM events and their proceedings, such as: Seminars, Symposia, Conferences, Technical Meetings, Workshops, Short Term Courses, Projects, Technical Exhibitions and National Metallurgists Day Celebrations - Annual Technical Meetings [NMD-ATM], held in November every year at discounted registration fees.

B] Additional Benefits to CORPORATE MEMBERS:

  • Industry Representation in the National Council The business of the Institute is controlled and conducted by IIM National Council. Industry forms an important segment of the Institute as its Patron, Donor and Sustaining Members. Appropriate representation from Industry is earmarked in the IIM National Council, by rotation.
  • Corporate Members are eligible for free copies of the Transaction of IIM, an International journal of Minerals, Metals and Materials Engineering, mailed 12 [Monthly journal] times a year.

C] In progress: Shall be implemented with effect from coming Financial Year

  • E-library [In progress] for IIM Members.
  • IIM Membership directory (6 categories: Corporate, Life, Annual, Associate, Student, Professional) [In progress]
  • Offer IIM branded products thru' a channel partner on the IIM portal for purchase by the members this will further strengthen the affiliation and bonding: e.g. Ties, Tie-pins, Lapel-pins, Table top clock with pen stand, Pens, Paper-weight, small stationery set (holder/stand, pen, paper-knife, stapler etc.), wallet, credit-card holder, metallic mugs/glasses, lap-top bags etc.

Apart from the regular benefits for IIM Members, there are some additional benefits applicable for Corporate Members:

  • Free access to IIM Transactions [Both Hard & Soft version, as applicable]
  • IIM Metal News [Monthly inhouse semi-technical journal]
  • Lifetime Membership Card for Patrons & Donor Categories
  • Provision to be a part of the IIM National Council
  • Discounted rates on Online Web Advertisements & Advertorials in IIM Metal News
  • Entitled to apply for any categories of IIM Awards [ As relevant for incumbents from your Organization].


Certain impending benefits: [Work in progress]

  • IIM Membership Directory
  • Digital Library Access
  • Access to E-Commerce site displaying various memorabilia , personalized products which can be purchased by IIM Members with special discounts.