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Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Important Announcement For Part - II AMIIM Pass Candidates from June 2006 onwards

For Part - II AMIIM Pass Candidates from June 2006 (since Letter Grading System has been adopted) onwards

On recommendation of the Examinations & Education Committee, the Council at its meeting held on 25th July, 2008, in the matter of "Conversion of GPA to Percentage of Marks in AMIIM Examinations", decided :

That the successful candidates desirous of having their aggregate percentage of marks may also be provided with a separate certificate on making a written application with payment of additional fees of Rs.100/- (Rupees One hundred only).

The basis for calculating the total aggregate percentage of marks shall be as under :

"Summation of maximum marks corresponding to the range of respective letter grades as obtained by the candidate for each of the subjects and dividing by the number of subjects".

Sd/- Prof S K Roy
Controller of Examinations

25th July, 2008.