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Important Announcement

Important Announcement

All Candidates & new entrants desirous to appear at the AMIIM Examination

On recommendations of the Examinations & Education Committee, the following decisions have been taken by the National Council at its meeting held on 30th July, 2009 at Kolkata, effective from January 2010 academic session.

  • The subject "Metallurgical Thermodynamics & Kinetics", which is at present offered as an elective paper of Part-II AMIIM Examinations, will be a compulsory paper at the Part-I AMIIM Examinations with effect from January 2010 academic session. This marks the total no. of subjects to 9 (nine) in Part-I AMIIM Examinations.

    All candidates desirous of appearing at the Part-I AMIIM Examinations will therefore be required to appear in "Metallurgical Thermodynamics & Kinetics" paper as a compulsory one from June 2010 AMIIM Examination.
  • Hence, the above subject will be deleted from the list of elective papers meant for Part-II AMIIM examination with effect from June 2010 examination.
  • The modified syllabi of the following three subjects will be made effective from June 2010 AMIIM Examinations. The AMIIM Candidates are therefore advised to procure a booklet containing the revised syllabus of the subjects from IIM HO against the requisite payment.

    i) Metallurgical Thermodynamics & Kinetics,
    ii) Phase Equilibrium & Phase Transformation and
    iii) Mechanical Working & Testing of Metals and Alloys.

The candidates desirous to appear at the AMIIM Examinations will be required to pay the following fees at the time of admission with effect from 01.04.2010 :

Admission Fees : Rs. 75.00
Registration Fees for appearing at the AMIIM Examinations : Rs. 500.00
Courier Charge for sending the Syllabus, Form etc : Rs. 50.00
Five years Membership Subscriptions @ Rs.200/- per year : Rs.1000.00
  Total : Rs.1625.00

Sd/- Sadhan Kumar Roy
Secretary General

Date: 20th August, 2009