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Daya Swarup Memorial Lecture

Daya Swarup Memorial Lecture


Daya Swarup Memorial Lecture
Sl. No Year Lecturer Title
1 1989 Dr. A. K. Mallik Academia, Industry and Society
2 1990 Prof. T. R. Anantharaman The Trinities - Material and Spiritual
3 1991 Dr. P. K. Jena Development and Conservation of Mineral Resources
4 1992 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Metallurgy at Crossroads some Engineering Problems
5 1993 Dr. E. G. Ramachandran [Extempore]
6 1994 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Growth of Metallurgical and Materials Science and Engineering Education
7 1995 Dr.Dharmendra Kumar Pollution & Metallurgical Industries
8 1996 Dr. Somnath Mishra Some New Dimensions in Engineering Education
9 1997 Dr. T. Ramchandran ITI s to IIT s - Technical Training in India - a stock taking
10 1998 Dr. P. Ramachandra Rao Industrialization & the Environment
11 1999 Prof. K. A. Padmanabhan Basic Research versus Applied Research
12 2000 Prof P Krishna Rao ElectroslagRemelting
13 2001 Prof H S Ray In Search for an Indian Utopia for Scientists And Technologists
14 2002 Prof U K Chatterjee Corrosion Prevention: A technological Challenge
15 2003 Prof R H Tupkary Problems and Prospects of HR-Developments in Metallurgical Engineering
16 2004 Prof P J RoyChowdhury Changing Priorities in Engineering & Technical Education in India
17 2005 Prof D R G Achar Welding Science and Technology ? Current Trends and Future Needs ? Indian Industrial Scenario
18 2006 Dr Amit Chatterjee [Extempore]
19 2007 Prof S Ranganathan [Extempore]
20 2008 Prof G S Upadhyaya Powder Metallurgy Processing, Structure and Properties of Metallic Systems: Identifying the Synergy
21 2009 Prof Bhanu Prakash [Lecture Cancelled owing to illness]
22 2010 Prof A K Lahiri Evolution of Metallurgy Education and Research in India
23 2011 Prof SrikantLele Computational Phase Diagrams
24 2013 Dr.S.N. Ojha Emerging Trends in Materials Processing
24 2014 Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee Outcomes of:Teaching and Research
24 2015 Prof P K Sen Metals, Materialsand Sustainability: an outlook for the future