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A K Seal Memorial Lecture

A K Seal Memorial Lecture

A K SEAL memorial lecture (2007) by Dr Baldev Raj

Professor A K Seal Memorial Lecture
Sl. No Year Name Topic
1 1992 Dr. J J Irani Quality Evolution at Tata Steel
2 1993 Prof. Placid Rodriruez Fracture Toughness Evaluation - A Historical Perspective
3 1994 Dr S Pramanik The Steel Dilema
4 1995 Dr. L R Vaidyanath Novel Copper Based Systems
5 1996 ..................... ...................
6 1997 Professor P Ramachandra Rao Mathematical Modelling Principles & Philosophies
7 1998 ................... ...................
8 1999 Mr. Supriya Dasgupta Metallurgists and The Changing Global Scenario
9 2000 Dr. S. Ranganathan Paradigms in Physical Metallurgy
10 2001 Dr Sanak Mishra The State of the Steel Industry The SAIL Restructuring
11 2002 Dr. S K Bhattacharyya Future of Steel : Challenges & Opportunities
12 2003 Dr SriKumar Banerjee Phase Transformation in Alloys : A Scheme for Classification
13 2004 Prof A K Chakraborty Cast and Forged Microalloyed Steels – An Overview of Academia – Industry Interactions
14 2005 T K Roy The Coke – Will it be ‘The Cause
15 2006 Dr H S Maiti Current Trends in Materials Research for the Energy Sector
16 2007 Dr Baldev Raj A Perspective on Materials Science & Technology Programme at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
17 2008 Prof K K Ray Role of Microstructure on Stress – Response of Materials
18 2009 Prof Subrata Ray Expanding Frontier of Metallic Materials for Structural Applications
19 2010 Dr G Sundararajan New Generation Steels for Strategic Applications
20 2011 Prof R k Ray Precipitation and Texture Formation in Interstitial Free and Interstitial Free High Strength Steels
21 2012 Prof. Indranil Manna Phase Transformations – A tool for tailoring material properties
22 2013 Dr G K Dey Current Trends in Materials Development for Nuclear Energy
23 2014 Dr Soumitra Tarafder The Mechanics of Material Damage
24 2015 Dr Debashish Bhattacharjee Worry Wisely – Medium and Long Term Challenges for Steel Industry
25 2016 Prof. Chaitanyamoy Ganguly Peaceful Use of Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Tecyhnology
26 2017 Dr. B S Murty The Joy of a Metallurgist as an Academician
27 2018 Dr. D. De Sarkar Copper Industry In India – Opportunities & Challenges
28 2019 Prof. Siddhartha Das Next Generation Energy Storage Devices: A metallurgist’s perspective
29 2020 Not held Not held
30 2021 Dr. P.P Chattopadhyay Microstructure & Properties of Metals & Alloys synthesized by Mechanical Activation
30 2022 Prof. Shivbrat Singh Phase transformations and design of strong steels